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CYC Garden at the Avocado Nursery

CYC Garden at the Avocado Nursery


For those who live in Pinal County, the name Phil Bond might ring a bell. Bond is a third generation native of Arizona and Master Gardener who owns Distinctive Earthscapes, LLC, one of the largest retail nurseries between Casa Grande and Coolidge. Phil has always had a passion for sharing his wealth of knowledge, specifically, on horticulture. As a generous partner and friend to the Coolidge Youth Coalition – Phil recently learned about our Community Garden grant (funded by Cenpatico of Arizona) and decided to donate two large plots on his property to expand our youth-led healthy living and lifestyle programs.

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CYC spent the morning learning about Seed Germination and Plant Propagation with Master Gardener Phil Bond and students from Central Arizona College at Distinctive Earthscapes at The Avocado Nursery. Phil has kindly donated 2 large plots to CYC and our Coolidge Pride kids so that we can continue and expand our healthy living/healthy lifestyle pro grams. Our kids will be able to participate in workshops, hands-on planting, and potentially start up their own farmers market! We want to thank Phil and the amazing staff at Avacado Nursery for their generous donation and valuable services. Thank you for helping our Coolidge kids!!!

Today, Sharon and Mandy planted some Mexican Sunflowers, Moore Oregano from Wilcox, AZ, and Lemongrass. Also growing in our containers are onions, corn and iris’s!